Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reaction or Creation

Reaction or Creation

There are times when something suddenly happens that makes you sad or upset. You feel like you did not have a choice in that. There is always a choice. In the case of thoughts or events that seem to come out of no where, which is rarely the case, you have the choice to either react or respond to them. Reaction is what most people do most of the time. There is no right or wrong here, it how we were raised in this society. If you will take a moment after something occurs to breath deeply, so you can step back from the situation. Then from this new place you can make the conscious choice to respond instead of react. This gives way to creation as you bring something new into the world. In this way you really can and do change the world around you.

Reaction usually comes from old instincts, like fight or flight. We have been inadvertently trained by our parents, teachers and society to react a certain way in any given situation. In this way of living, reacting to the actions or words of other people, we give away our power of choice. When you react, no matter what the situation is, it will start a cycle of reaction in the world around you. He did this so I had no choice but to do this back, and then the other person will of course have to react as well. This carries over into all aspects of our life. Instead of choosing how to live our own lives, we are going with the flow of reaction to reaction. We get caught up in this way of life and do not realize that we have lost control of where our life is headed. This can bring some pretty random events into our daily life. It is no wonder so many feel that life is chaotic and there is no controlling it. This gives way to people believing that luck, good and bad, is what brings any situation into their lives.

The only way to break the cycle of reaction is by making a conscious choice to respond. When we learn to respond, we are becoming more conscious of the way we handle our lives, and this will bring positive change into our life. Most times a situation can seem much worse in the moment that it is happening than when we are able to look back on it with hind sight. So typically, if we are not ‘present’ in the present moment, we will over react to a situation and later we feel bad or guilty about it. Where as if we take the time to breath and be fully here, we can see the event for what it is and then respond to it in a much more appropriate way.

This is where creation comes in. We have now brought in new energy around this situation and how it was handled. Any person who witnesses this event take place and how you respond to it will come away with that new teaching and may start to replace their old programming of reaction. A curious thing I noticed in looking at the actual words reaction and creation, they are almost the same word, just move the ‘C’. So if you can change how you ‘see’ your reaction, you will end up with a new creation.

Lack or Abundance

Now, when you feel you are living your life on auto pilot, trying to get all you can before someone else gets it. This then leads to the belief in lack or not enough, and that is never the case. The Universe is an abundant place, enough for everyone, it is continually expanding as more people have bigger dreams. Start to change your thoughts of lack to those of plenty enough to go around. Once again you may have to fake it here a bit at first, but the more you practice this way of thinking, the more evidence will become apparent to you.

Many people are living paycheck to paycheck, always worrying about whether there will be enough money to pay the bills. In reality, most people do make it month to month, but this is not to do with luck. They have this deep set belief that they are living paycheck to paycheck so the Universe will set up events to make it so. If they or you modify your beliefs by faking your thoughts a bit and assure yourself daily that there is more than enough money to pay the bills each month, then this will become so. You can reinforce this by setting up a vacation fund either at your bank, or a coffee can in the cupboard. Put a little money into the fund when ever you can and don’t touch it. Start planning that vacation, or big purchase that you have always wanted, but never thought you could afford. Then day dream about this purchase now and then and see it happening. Soon you will find that bills are being paid and you are putting more money into the fund. This may come about by opportunities for more money come to you, or less unexpected bills stop popping out of nowhere to take your extra cash. But this is something you will have to work at with your thoughts and actions everyday. The benefits are worth the effort. Once you prove to yourself that you can make change happen in your life, the flood gates will open and more abundance will pour into your life.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Universe

The Universe can be quite creative in how it brings new desires into your life. When you follow something that you are passionate about, abundance will find you. Abundance does not refer to just money which is just another form of energy. Another way to find what you are passionate about is to start paying attention to the opportunities that surround you. When something new crosses your path, whether it is an ad on TV, a sign that just caught your eye or an invitation from a friend, follow through and try it. Even if you feel like you have no interest in this new thing, you may discover that after trying it, you may like it after all. Or serendipity will occur and you will discover something else that you like to do. That is to try one new thing only to discover another new thing by accident. As I said, the Universe can be quite creative in how it helps you create your life so work with it by making new choices in life.

Once you find a passion, take steps in its general direction as often as you can, small steps count. Soon a way will be shown for you to follow this passion more often. You may even accidentally start making a living at it like I do with my tie-dye.

I made a choice over ten years ago to try tie-dye, something I had never done or even worn to my knowledge. I liked it and continued to experiment with it. Each time a new opportunity came along I tried it. I now have regular customers all over the country, I teach the art of tie-dye in schools and home parties, and lately I have taken two business trips with a leadership group where I do a presentation on making choices and use tie-dye as a metaphor for life. At the end of the presentation I help each of the middle to high school age students create a tie-dye t-shirt. Ten years ago I would not have even dreamed of being in this place with tie-dye, but here I am.


Every person is granted the power of making choices. Our lives are shaped by those choices on an individual basis. There are times when it feels like we do not have a choice in a situation. Everyone else has made the same choice so I must do it as well. This is never the case, you always have the opportunity to make your own choice. Just be aware that each of our choices carry consequences, either good or bad, but you still get to choose.

Do you want to follow the pack or lead your own life? It can be a magical life filled with possibilities and opportunity if you make that choice. Or it can be the same life of day after day going to the job you dislike and then come home to spend a short time with family before you go to bed so you can get up and do it all over again.

Every day of your life you have 24 hours to do with as you please, when they are gone you cannot get them back. I see many people wishing most of their life away. They are in a job they dislike and cannot wait for the weekend. Five days are spent wishing the weekend would hurry up and get here, only to have the weekend go by too fast. Then the cycle starts over, week after week after month after year, people wish their lives away.

Although I cannot grant you the opportunity to quit your job tomorrow, it is my desire to offer you a new choice. First, be happy and grateful for the job you do not like and do it to the best of your ability for it is what pays the bills. Put a smile on your face everyday, even if you have to fake it. In your idle time, either at work or on your way to and from work start to day dream a bit. Think about the things you would prefer to be doing. Whether it is a new job or just other activities you like to do. When you have time, sit down with a pen and paper and make a wish list of things you prefer. If you find this difficult, start with a list of the things currently in your life that you do not like. Then take that list and turn them around into positive things, start finding things that you do prefer. Now, think of these thing often, the preferred things that is. Soon new thoughts will come and you will be inspired to take action.

At this point you must follow through with your inspired action, no matter how small it is and you will start down a new path in life that will lead to one or more of the dreams from your wish list. Soon you will get that promotion you have wanted, or your life will shift allowing you to change jobs. It all starts with you making a conscious choice to make a change in your life. Use the 24 hours you have today wisely and soon all of your tomorrows, not just the ones that fall on weekends, will be wonderful and exciting.


To have the kind of tomorrow you wish to have, you must take action today. As you change your thoughts and words, you will be inspired to take action. This will speed along the kind of results you are desire to have. Say you are wanting a new car or house, but you are not sure what to do to go get it. The nice part about taking action is you do not have to figure everything out. That is the job of the Universe. After you have thought about the new desire you want, your job is to start doing something. Sitting on your couch thinking about the new car will not bring it to your door. You have to be out in the world moving or doing something so the Universe can start laying out the quickest path to your new desire.

Even if your choices seem very limited, you must take a step in some direction. After you make that first choice more opportunities will open before you. Check in with yourself, your feelings will guide you in the appropriate direction as you make choices. If it feels good, then you are headed in the right direction.

At time stumbling blocks may appear in your path. This does not mean you are headed in the wrong direction. Life is full of challenges, it is part of what makes like more fulfilling. When you over come or beat a challenge you feel great. It gives you the strength that may be needed to overcome the next obstacle you encounter in life. God, Source, The Universe will never give you more than you can handle. At times people, myself included, feel completely overwhelmed by their life. I believe this is when we reach the point of chaos. Sometimes we get stubborn and continue down a path that we , on some level, know is not right for us. We did not listen to the clues our intuition was giving us to turn in a new direction or make a different choice. When this happens the only way for the Universe to get our attention is through chaos, sometimes called ‘hitting rock bottom’.

If you find yourself at that point of chaos, be sure of one thing, you will find your way out. To start with take a close, hard look at your life, is this really where you wish to be? Next focus on your dreams and decide where you would rather your life be headed. At this point you will need to make a new choice. You must do something new or different if you want you life to change. Taking same action will lead you to the same place of chaos again and again. Make the choice to break out of chaos and your life will change.

No matter what it is you desire in life, there is a step you can take in its direction and then another will be shown, and if not then step in a different direction. The choice is always yours. No one else can take this journey for you because the journey is life and each person is unique.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Words are one of the ways in which we express our thoughts. We learn to speak as babies and then we learn to use words through out our lives from society. Certain words or phrases become the way of expressing certain thoughts and feelings. Words carry tremendous power and when used ‘incorrectly’ they can affect our energy without us being conscious of it.

The concept of words is something that intrigued me back in 1999 when I consciously started my spiritual journey. I had started reading many books on every metaphysical subject I could find. I learned about energy and how everything is made from energy and this really resonated with me. I wanted to know more about energy and how it affected us on a daily basis.

During meditation I started thinking about thoughts and words and how they to are made of energy. People use thoughts and words everyday, often times we are unconscious of the consequences as we use this energy. I started to pay attention to my own vocabulary and how it affected my energy. I noticed certain words really had a negative feel to them. As an example ‘hate’ and ‘sorry’ really felt bad as I used them in the common everyday language. “I hate it when _____ happens”, or “I am sorry for your loss”.

The first example is used all to commonly as a way of expressing the intense emotion you are feeling. I believe it is just too strong of a word to be used as commonly as it is. Strong negative energy is sent out every time it is said and you do not want to associate yourself with that kind of energy on a daily basis. I have substituted the word ‘dislike’ for the H word. It may not get your point across as strongly as you want, but it does not carry the hugely negative energy activation either.

The second example seems very harmless, you are expressing sympathy for someone. What can be wrong with that you might ask. In this case it is not so much the use of the word sorry that is negative. It is using it after the first two words ‘I AM’ that draws the negative energy in. ‘I AM’ are powerful words in that when you say them, you are speaking of your higher self, spirit or soul. It may not have been your intent to talk about yourself as you expressed your sympathy for another. But it is part of how our language can affect us daily without being conscious of it. Words are energy, and however they are used, that energy is spent.

I looked up the word ‘sorry’ in the dictionary, it means to be apologetic or sad for someone, but it also means wretched, poor, useless and pitiful. Who wants to declare that they are wretched to the Universe and draw upon that energy? Not me, and I do not think you wish to either. Make the dictionary your best friend, but also pay attention to how you feel when you think, say, or do something. Then make correction as needed, be creative where necessary. If you need to use the word sorry, do not put ‘I AM’ in front of it. If you must apologize for you actions, then say I apologize.

Being mindful of your words may seem difficult at first, you may find yourself stumbling to find new words to use. Do not get mad at yourself when you use a ’voided’ word by mistake. Have fun and be light about it. Look up words you no longer wish to use in a thesaurus so you will be ready to make the change. Each conscious choice you make to change a thought. Word or action will change and improve your life.

Today is the Tomorrow you create Yesterday

I feel there is huge power in that statement. I adopted it as my motto and favorite quote many years ago. I believe the thoughts words and actions from the proverbial yesterday are what we are living out today. So, take the time today, right now, to have good thoughts, use pleasing words, take right action in the present moment, and feel grateful for everything. Once you get this process started and practice it everyday, it will become a new , and good, habit. Soon your tomorrows will be wonderful and you will be looking back at your yesterdays in amazement.

This is not to say that you will never experience sadness again. How can you ever truly know joy if you have nothing to compare it to? This contrast in experiences is what causes us to use our free will to make choices of what we prefer. What a wonderful gift we all have, the power of choice. Choosing our feeling and experiences is how we continue to grow and change.

Most people are not aware of the power they were born with. They are stuck in a cycle of thoughts and feelings and do not realize how easily they could break out of it. It is just a matter of making a conscious choice to change their thoughts and soon everything else will follow. Humans are the only creatures on this lovely blue planet who can be this conscious of the power of choices and the consequences of making them.

Consequence is a word that tends to have negative connotations attached to it, but it can be a good thing. Consequence is just the outcome of a choice, the relationship of cause and effect. Make a good choice and you will have a positive consequence.

Past Struggles

Do not speak of your struggle to others as it only keeps them alive. You do not need them anymore so let them go and you will be much happier. Everyone has them, but they do not limit you in any way. Every person can have exactly what they want in life if they will only set their mind to it.

Too many people use their struggles as a reason why they cannot do or have something in their lives. In reality it is the talking about the struggles, not the struggles themselves that keep them from having the things they want to have. Any time you speak of difficulties from the past, you activate the energy of the struggle in present moment of now. You are not physically going though the difficult times right now, but the energy that is activated. It is the same thing. The mind does not know the difference between something that is being remembered and something that is happening right now. You, your mind, exists in the Now, the present moment. This is what the mind knows and shapes and guides your life from. So be aware of what is going on right here, right now. If you think thoughts from a negative past event, you activate the energy of it. This will give life to the past event, and may cause it to reoccur or have something similar happen in the present moment. By constantly reliving these moments in time, you perpetuate the feeling that surrounded them at the time. Your feelings increase the power of these thoughts. If you think of a negative event, you give power to it. If you feel sad while thinking of this event, you give it lots of power. Now you have a lot of energy swirling around the ether's like a black cloud hovering over your head ready to rain on your parade.
This works both ways, as the same thing happen with positive events of your life. If thinking a thought causes you to smile and feel happy, it will multiply the energy and draw more positive events into your life.

It is impossible to truly be happy and sad at the same time. They are opposite ends of the same stick, which end do you want to be holding?
It really is your choice. Do you want to be happy and filled with joy as you coast along experiencing all that life has to offer? Or do you want to be sad and depressed as you continue to relive moments from days gone by? This can turn into a vicious cycle that will draw you in and take over your life. Time after time you will draw into your life circumstances that will cause you to feel sad, giving you even more reasons to go over these things in your mind and talk to other people about how bad your life is. Not a fun cycle to live within.

So again I ask you, do you want to be happy or sad? It is your choice, you can decide it today. It will take some work on your part if you have been in a negative cycle for a while, but you can break out of it.
It starts with your thoughts. You must change them. No more thinking about sad times from the past, or talking about them to other people. It would be a great idea to think about all of the happy memories you can recall, writing them down in a journal to use at a later date.

There are times when sadness seem to come out of nowhere, almost like it is attacking you. When this happens and you cannot find your smile, simply go to your journal and do some reading until your mood changes. A positive thought will beat out a negative one every time if you can find one, so journal.

Habits can be a difficult thing to break, but if you want to be happy then you will have to work at this. When you find yourself thinking negatively or talking to a friend about your woes, catch yourself and stop. Change your thinking or talking. Soon this will become your new habit. You want to try to fill your mind with happy thoughts as often as you can. Past ones work, but you will want to learn to find things in the present to be happy about, as well as the future.

As you go about your day, look around at the beauty in the world. Often times people take far too much of life for granted. You have five physical senses to take in this world with, make use of them all, everyday. Find those things that really bring a smile to your face, be it a sunset, a fresh apple pie or whatever. This may seem small or silly, but it is huge. If you look for things that make you smile and feel grateful for them, you will draw more wonderful things into your life. Start day dreaming a bit, some wishful thinking about some of the things you desire to have in your life.

There is a trick to this also. If you see your neighbor drive up in his new car and you are jealous of him, you have just activated the negative energy stream in your life. Where as if you smile and go talk to him about his great new car. This gives you the added benefit of that new car thought, and you will be more likely to draw a new car or whatever into your life. Be happy for other people and you will see a difference in your own life.

Everything is made from energy, we are all connected and affected by it. Your thoughts may seem like wisps’ of nothing that go on inside your head and hurt no one. But the energy of every thought you think goes out into the world around you. The thoughts you think most often will shape your life, and your future.
The choice is yours to make, in every moment of your life. How do you want to feel? Sad about your past, or excited about your future while being happy right here and now? Now is what you have to work with, it is where you will live your entire life. When tomorrow does arrive, you will experience it as the present.

“Today is the Tomorrow you created Yesterday” ~ Carl E McClellan

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Next Top Self-Help Author contest

Recently I became involved with a leadership training program. I was to be the fun part of the lesson doing tie-dye with the students. Although my part still had to fit in with the rest of the training curriculum. I put together a presentation on making choices and used tie-dye as a metaphor for life. The first time I presented was Nov 2010 in South Dakota I was not as prepared as I thought I was to stand up and do a presentation. I was used to doing classes and have worked with a few thousand students of all ages. But a speech was something I have not done since high school. I stumbled my way through and moved onto the tie-dye portion and everyone had fun.

Next I was called to Utah in Dec 2010. This time I wrote my speech out and expanded it to include more information on making choices. Once again I used tie-dye as my metaphor. I started by showing the students three choices for making shirts, it seemed very limited. Life sometimes feels the same way. Once a choice is made though, more will open before you. I spoke and showed slides of my tie-dye creations for almost ten minutes. My message, which has probably been presented to them many times in many way seemed to sink in. We turned on the lights and everyone made tie-dye t-shirts and had great fun.

After the weekend was over I realized how much fun I had doing the presentation and speaking of this important message. I started thinking on how I could expand this message even more and how I could present to more people. The idea, which has come to me several times and been told to me many times was to write a book. I made the decision to write a book the first week of January, and by the end of the month I was enrolled in an online class on how to write and self publish as well as entering my name in the Next Top Self-Help Author contest.

The contest officially started in February, but the lessons have been going since December. I have continued to write in my journal all the thoughts that come to me. Also I have pulled out journals from the last 12 years and discovered notes, stories and poems that all have one commmon theme, Choices. I have felt driven to write about choices and how they can change our lives.

I wish to share this message about choice and change with whoever needs to or wants to hear it. The choices I have made in my life have led me to where I am now. I am an artist, a tie-dye artist and that is how I make my living. I Dye for a Living and I enjoy it. Countless times have I had people come up and tell me how lucky I am to get to do something I love for a living. I agree that yes I am lucky and then I try to tell them that they to can do something they love for a living. This is the part where I start hearing the 'yeah buts'. There are a lot of people out there right now doing a job they dis-like and feel they have no other choice. I am here to tell you, You do have a choice. We were all given the gift of Choice, it is Free Will.

Through my writings here and the book I am working on I hope to bring more light to the subject of Choice so more peopke will utilize it and change their lives for the better. I appreciate any comments you wish to leave for me. As I move through the contest I will be asking for support from people. The first step of the contest is to post a profile which contains a video pitch for my book, a book descriptions and little bit about me. As soon as I get that up I will post a blog with a link and this is where I will ask for your support, a vote on my video. Thank-you and I will try to get in here often and post more of my thoughts, past and present. Peace ~ Carl