Thursday, February 17, 2011


To have the kind of tomorrow you wish to have, you must take action today. As you change your thoughts and words, you will be inspired to take action. This will speed along the kind of results you are desire to have. Say you are wanting a new car or house, but you are not sure what to do to go get it. The nice part about taking action is you do not have to figure everything out. That is the job of the Universe. After you have thought about the new desire you want, your job is to start doing something. Sitting on your couch thinking about the new car will not bring it to your door. You have to be out in the world moving or doing something so the Universe can start laying out the quickest path to your new desire.

Even if your choices seem very limited, you must take a step in some direction. After you make that first choice more opportunities will open before you. Check in with yourself, your feelings will guide you in the appropriate direction as you make choices. If it feels good, then you are headed in the right direction.

At time stumbling blocks may appear in your path. This does not mean you are headed in the wrong direction. Life is full of challenges, it is part of what makes like more fulfilling. When you over come or beat a challenge you feel great. It gives you the strength that may be needed to overcome the next obstacle you encounter in life. God, Source, The Universe will never give you more than you can handle. At times people, myself included, feel completely overwhelmed by their life. I believe this is when we reach the point of chaos. Sometimes we get stubborn and continue down a path that we , on some level, know is not right for us. We did not listen to the clues our intuition was giving us to turn in a new direction or make a different choice. When this happens the only way for the Universe to get our attention is through chaos, sometimes called ‘hitting rock bottom’.

If you find yourself at that point of chaos, be sure of one thing, you will find your way out. To start with take a close, hard look at your life, is this really where you wish to be? Next focus on your dreams and decide where you would rather your life be headed. At this point you will need to make a new choice. You must do something new or different if you want you life to change. Taking same action will lead you to the same place of chaos again and again. Make the choice to break out of chaos and your life will change.

No matter what it is you desire in life, there is a step you can take in its direction and then another will be shown, and if not then step in a different direction. The choice is always yours. No one else can take this journey for you because the journey is life and each person is unique.

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