Thursday, February 3, 2011

Next Top Self-Help Author contest

Recently I became involved with a leadership training program. I was to be the fun part of the lesson doing tie-dye with the students. Although my part still had to fit in with the rest of the training curriculum. I put together a presentation on making choices and used tie-dye as a metaphor for life. The first time I presented was Nov 2010 in South Dakota I was not as prepared as I thought I was to stand up and do a presentation. I was used to doing classes and have worked with a few thousand students of all ages. But a speech was something I have not done since high school. I stumbled my way through and moved onto the tie-dye portion and everyone had fun.

Next I was called to Utah in Dec 2010. This time I wrote my speech out and expanded it to include more information on making choices. Once again I used tie-dye as my metaphor. I started by showing the students three choices for making shirts, it seemed very limited. Life sometimes feels the same way. Once a choice is made though, more will open before you. I spoke and showed slides of my tie-dye creations for almost ten minutes. My message, which has probably been presented to them many times in many way seemed to sink in. We turned on the lights and everyone made tie-dye t-shirts and had great fun.

After the weekend was over I realized how much fun I had doing the presentation and speaking of this important message. I started thinking on how I could expand this message even more and how I could present to more people. The idea, which has come to me several times and been told to me many times was to write a book. I made the decision to write a book the first week of January, and by the end of the month I was enrolled in an online class on how to write and self publish as well as entering my name in the Next Top Self-Help Author contest.

The contest officially started in February, but the lessons have been going since December. I have continued to write in my journal all the thoughts that come to me. Also I have pulled out journals from the last 12 years and discovered notes, stories and poems that all have one commmon theme, Choices. I have felt driven to write about choices and how they can change our lives.

I wish to share this message about choice and change with whoever needs to or wants to hear it. The choices I have made in my life have led me to where I am now. I am an artist, a tie-dye artist and that is how I make my living. I Dye for a Living and I enjoy it. Countless times have I had people come up and tell me how lucky I am to get to do something I love for a living. I agree that yes I am lucky and then I try to tell them that they to can do something they love for a living. This is the part where I start hearing the 'yeah buts'. There are a lot of people out there right now doing a job they dis-like and feel they have no other choice. I am here to tell you, You do have a choice. We were all given the gift of Choice, it is Free Will.

Through my writings here and the book I am working on I hope to bring more light to the subject of Choice so more peopke will utilize it and change their lives for the better. I appreciate any comments you wish to leave for me. As I move through the contest I will be asking for support from people. The first step of the contest is to post a profile which contains a video pitch for my book, a book descriptions and little bit about me. As soon as I get that up I will post a blog with a link and this is where I will ask for your support, a vote on my video. Thank-you and I will try to get in here often and post more of my thoughts, past and present. Peace ~ Carl

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