Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lack or Abundance

Now, when you feel you are living your life on auto pilot, trying to get all you can before someone else gets it. This then leads to the belief in lack or not enough, and that is never the case. The Universe is an abundant place, enough for everyone, it is continually expanding as more people have bigger dreams. Start to change your thoughts of lack to those of plenty enough to go around. Once again you may have to fake it here a bit at first, but the more you practice this way of thinking, the more evidence will become apparent to you.

Many people are living paycheck to paycheck, always worrying about whether there will be enough money to pay the bills. In reality, most people do make it month to month, but this is not to do with luck. They have this deep set belief that they are living paycheck to paycheck so the Universe will set up events to make it so. If they or you modify your beliefs by faking your thoughts a bit and assure yourself daily that there is more than enough money to pay the bills each month, then this will become so. You can reinforce this by setting up a vacation fund either at your bank, or a coffee can in the cupboard. Put a little money into the fund when ever you can and don’t touch it. Start planning that vacation, or big purchase that you have always wanted, but never thought you could afford. Then day dream about this purchase now and then and see it happening. Soon you will find that bills are being paid and you are putting more money into the fund. This may come about by opportunities for more money come to you, or less unexpected bills stop popping out of nowhere to take your extra cash. But this is something you will have to work at with your thoughts and actions everyday. The benefits are worth the effort. Once you prove to yourself that you can make change happen in your life, the flood gates will open and more abundance will pour into your life.

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