Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Universe

The Universe can be quite creative in how it brings new desires into your life. When you follow something that you are passionate about, abundance will find you. Abundance does not refer to just money which is just another form of energy. Another way to find what you are passionate about is to start paying attention to the opportunities that surround you. When something new crosses your path, whether it is an ad on TV, a sign that just caught your eye or an invitation from a friend, follow through and try it. Even if you feel like you have no interest in this new thing, you may discover that after trying it, you may like it after all. Or serendipity will occur and you will discover something else that you like to do. That is to try one new thing only to discover another new thing by accident. As I said, the Universe can be quite creative in how it helps you create your life so work with it by making new choices in life.

Once you find a passion, take steps in its general direction as often as you can, small steps count. Soon a way will be shown for you to follow this passion more often. You may even accidentally start making a living at it like I do with my tie-dye.

I made a choice over ten years ago to try tie-dye, something I had never done or even worn to my knowledge. I liked it and continued to experiment with it. Each time a new opportunity came along I tried it. I now have regular customers all over the country, I teach the art of tie-dye in schools and home parties, and lately I have taken two business trips with a leadership group where I do a presentation on making choices and use tie-dye as a metaphor for life. At the end of the presentation I help each of the middle to high school age students create a tie-dye t-shirt. Ten years ago I would not have even dreamed of being in this place with tie-dye, but here I am.

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