Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today is the Tomorrow you create Yesterday

I feel there is huge power in that statement. I adopted it as my motto and favorite quote many years ago. I believe the thoughts words and actions from the proverbial yesterday are what we are living out today. So, take the time today, right now, to have good thoughts, use pleasing words, take right action in the present moment, and feel grateful for everything. Once you get this process started and practice it everyday, it will become a new , and good, habit. Soon your tomorrows will be wonderful and you will be looking back at your yesterdays in amazement.

This is not to say that you will never experience sadness again. How can you ever truly know joy if you have nothing to compare it to? This contrast in experiences is what causes us to use our free will to make choices of what we prefer. What a wonderful gift we all have, the power of choice. Choosing our feeling and experiences is how we continue to grow and change.

Most people are not aware of the power they were born with. They are stuck in a cycle of thoughts and feelings and do not realize how easily they could break out of it. It is just a matter of making a conscious choice to change their thoughts and soon everything else will follow. Humans are the only creatures on this lovely blue planet who can be this conscious of the power of choices and the consequences of making them.

Consequence is a word that tends to have negative connotations attached to it, but it can be a good thing. Consequence is just the outcome of a choice, the relationship of cause and effect. Make a good choice and you will have a positive consequence.


  1. What if you desire positive results.I am ''stuck'' as a victim of negative input and verbal abuse. Must be nice to be SO positive ?

  2. Hey Scott,

    I am not sure of your particular circumstances. You must try to find a way out of being stuck. If you cannot get out of the situation at this time, you atleast need to find some quiet time to yourself so you can clear the negativity from your life. I suggest a grounding meditation. Sitting or standing outside is best, but anyplace, even walking will work. Quiet your mind of all thoughts, I do this by focusing on my breath.... even saying in and out as you breath so as to not be thinking anything else. Then picture yourself standing barefoot in fresh dirt, imagine roots growing out of your feet and down into the earth. Then see your self reaching for the sky, your arms becoming branches of a tree. See a bright and beautiful light coming from above into your branches and the top of your head. Mother Earth will take all of your negative energy and transform it back to positive to be used again by someone else. Hold this vision until you feel a shift. I will normally continue to sink my feet deeper into the earth and become taller and taller as I reach to the sky. When done I feel like I am 100 feet tall and like I am up to my knees in the dirt.

    This white light can be called upon at anytime. when you feel like you are being attacked, put up a shield in your mind of white light. Envision a bubble surrounding your body which does not allow any negative energy to penetrate it. I hope this helps you. You have to make a choice and then take whatever action you can.