Thursday, February 17, 2011


Every person is granted the power of making choices. Our lives are shaped by those choices on an individual basis. There are times when it feels like we do not have a choice in a situation. Everyone else has made the same choice so I must do it as well. This is never the case, you always have the opportunity to make your own choice. Just be aware that each of our choices carry consequences, either good or bad, but you still get to choose.

Do you want to follow the pack or lead your own life? It can be a magical life filled with possibilities and opportunity if you make that choice. Or it can be the same life of day after day going to the job you dislike and then come home to spend a short time with family before you go to bed so you can get up and do it all over again.

Every day of your life you have 24 hours to do with as you please, when they are gone you cannot get them back. I see many people wishing most of their life away. They are in a job they dislike and cannot wait for the weekend. Five days are spent wishing the weekend would hurry up and get here, only to have the weekend go by too fast. Then the cycle starts over, week after week after month after year, people wish their lives away.

Although I cannot grant you the opportunity to quit your job tomorrow, it is my desire to offer you a new choice. First, be happy and grateful for the job you do not like and do it to the best of your ability for it is what pays the bills. Put a smile on your face everyday, even if you have to fake it. In your idle time, either at work or on your way to and from work start to day dream a bit. Think about the things you would prefer to be doing. Whether it is a new job or just other activities you like to do. When you have time, sit down with a pen and paper and make a wish list of things you prefer. If you find this difficult, start with a list of the things currently in your life that you do not like. Then take that list and turn them around into positive things, start finding things that you do prefer. Now, think of these thing often, the preferred things that is. Soon new thoughts will come and you will be inspired to take action.

At this point you must follow through with your inspired action, no matter how small it is and you will start down a new path in life that will lead to one or more of the dreams from your wish list. Soon you will get that promotion you have wanted, or your life will shift allowing you to change jobs. It all starts with you making a conscious choice to make a change in your life. Use the 24 hours you have today wisely and soon all of your tomorrows, not just the ones that fall on weekends, will be wonderful and exciting.

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