Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Past Struggles

Do not speak of your struggle to others as it only keeps them alive. You do not need them anymore so let them go and you will be much happier. Everyone has them, but they do not limit you in any way. Every person can have exactly what they want in life if they will only set their mind to it.

Too many people use their struggles as a reason why they cannot do or have something in their lives. In reality it is the talking about the struggles, not the struggles themselves that keep them from having the things they want to have. Any time you speak of difficulties from the past, you activate the energy of the struggle in present moment of now. You are not physically going though the difficult times right now, but the energy that is activated. It is the same thing. The mind does not know the difference between something that is being remembered and something that is happening right now. You, your mind, exists in the Now, the present moment. This is what the mind knows and shapes and guides your life from. So be aware of what is going on right here, right now. If you think thoughts from a negative past event, you activate the energy of it. This will give life to the past event, and may cause it to reoccur or have something similar happen in the present moment. By constantly reliving these moments in time, you perpetuate the feeling that surrounded them at the time. Your feelings increase the power of these thoughts. If you think of a negative event, you give power to it. If you feel sad while thinking of this event, you give it lots of power. Now you have a lot of energy swirling around the ether's like a black cloud hovering over your head ready to rain on your parade.
This works both ways, as the same thing happen with positive events of your life. If thinking a thought causes you to smile and feel happy, it will multiply the energy and draw more positive events into your life.

It is impossible to truly be happy and sad at the same time. They are opposite ends of the same stick, which end do you want to be holding?
It really is your choice. Do you want to be happy and filled with joy as you coast along experiencing all that life has to offer? Or do you want to be sad and depressed as you continue to relive moments from days gone by? This can turn into a vicious cycle that will draw you in and take over your life. Time after time you will draw into your life circumstances that will cause you to feel sad, giving you even more reasons to go over these things in your mind and talk to other people about how bad your life is. Not a fun cycle to live within.

So again I ask you, do you want to be happy or sad? It is your choice, you can decide it today. It will take some work on your part if you have been in a negative cycle for a while, but you can break out of it.
It starts with your thoughts. You must change them. No more thinking about sad times from the past, or talking about them to other people. It would be a great idea to think about all of the happy memories you can recall, writing them down in a journal to use at a later date.

There are times when sadness seem to come out of nowhere, almost like it is attacking you. When this happens and you cannot find your smile, simply go to your journal and do some reading until your mood changes. A positive thought will beat out a negative one every time if you can find one, so journal.

Habits can be a difficult thing to break, but if you want to be happy then you will have to work at this. When you find yourself thinking negatively or talking to a friend about your woes, catch yourself and stop. Change your thinking or talking. Soon this will become your new habit. You want to try to fill your mind with happy thoughts as often as you can. Past ones work, but you will want to learn to find things in the present to be happy about, as well as the future.

As you go about your day, look around at the beauty in the world. Often times people take far too much of life for granted. You have five physical senses to take in this world with, make use of them all, everyday. Find those things that really bring a smile to your face, be it a sunset, a fresh apple pie or whatever. This may seem small or silly, but it is huge. If you look for things that make you smile and feel grateful for them, you will draw more wonderful things into your life. Start day dreaming a bit, some wishful thinking about some of the things you desire to have in your life.

There is a trick to this also. If you see your neighbor drive up in his new car and you are jealous of him, you have just activated the negative energy stream in your life. Where as if you smile and go talk to him about his great new car. This gives you the added benefit of that new car thought, and you will be more likely to draw a new car or whatever into your life. Be happy for other people and you will see a difference in your own life.

Everything is made from energy, we are all connected and affected by it. Your thoughts may seem like wisps’ of nothing that go on inside your head and hurt no one. But the energy of every thought you think goes out into the world around you. The thoughts you think most often will shape your life, and your future.
The choice is yours to make, in every moment of your life. How do you want to feel? Sad about your past, or excited about your future while being happy right here and now? Now is what you have to work with, it is where you will live your entire life. When tomorrow does arrive, you will experience it as the present.

“Today is the Tomorrow you created Yesterday” ~ Carl E McClellan


  1. Carl, you are a gifted writer!! I love this post, I feel like you were speaking to only me. I am having negative thoughts in my life that have "taken over". I am going to work on that!! Thank-you...

  2. Thank-you Linda,

    I speak from my heart and my higher self. I often write the same as I speak during a conversation. It is nice to hear my writing comes across so well.

    I find that when a negative thought seems to take over my mind that I have to shock it a bit to stop it. In my mind I will yell "STOP! thats ENOUGH" and then I shift my thoughts to somethinhg else. Doing a physical activity of some sort will help keep that thought out of your head for a while. I find that the more often I am able catch those thoughts that attack me and stop the....the easier it is the next time. Right now they have been helpful as they may give me something to write about. With some work you will find your negative thoughts do not enter as often or stay as long. It is just a matter of making a new habit of thinking consciously. Peace Love Light and Laughter ~ Carl