Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Words are one of the ways in which we express our thoughts. We learn to speak as babies and then we learn to use words through out our lives from society. Certain words or phrases become the way of expressing certain thoughts and feelings. Words carry tremendous power and when used ‘incorrectly’ they can affect our energy without us being conscious of it.

The concept of words is something that intrigued me back in 1999 when I consciously started my spiritual journey. I had started reading many books on every metaphysical subject I could find. I learned about energy and how everything is made from energy and this really resonated with me. I wanted to know more about energy and how it affected us on a daily basis.

During meditation I started thinking about thoughts and words and how they to are made of energy. People use thoughts and words everyday, often times we are unconscious of the consequences as we use this energy. I started to pay attention to my own vocabulary and how it affected my energy. I noticed certain words really had a negative feel to them. As an example ‘hate’ and ‘sorry’ really felt bad as I used them in the common everyday language. “I hate it when _____ happens”, or “I am sorry for your loss”.

The first example is used all to commonly as a way of expressing the intense emotion you are feeling. I believe it is just too strong of a word to be used as commonly as it is. Strong negative energy is sent out every time it is said and you do not want to associate yourself with that kind of energy on a daily basis. I have substituted the word ‘dislike’ for the H word. It may not get your point across as strongly as you want, but it does not carry the hugely negative energy activation either.

The second example seems very harmless, you are expressing sympathy for someone. What can be wrong with that you might ask. In this case it is not so much the use of the word sorry that is negative. It is using it after the first two words ‘I AM’ that draws the negative energy in. ‘I AM’ are powerful words in that when you say them, you are speaking of your higher self, spirit or soul. It may not have been your intent to talk about yourself as you expressed your sympathy for another. But it is part of how our language can affect us daily without being conscious of it. Words are energy, and however they are used, that energy is spent.

I looked up the word ‘sorry’ in the dictionary, it means to be apologetic or sad for someone, but it also means wretched, poor, useless and pitiful. Who wants to declare that they are wretched to the Universe and draw upon that energy? Not me, and I do not think you wish to either. Make the dictionary your best friend, but also pay attention to how you feel when you think, say, or do something. Then make correction as needed, be creative where necessary. If you need to use the word sorry, do not put ‘I AM’ in front of it. If you must apologize for you actions, then say I apologize.

Being mindful of your words may seem difficult at first, you may find yourself stumbling to find new words to use. Do not get mad at yourself when you use a ’voided’ word by mistake. Have fun and be light about it. Look up words you no longer wish to use in a thesaurus so you will be ready to make the change. Each conscious choice you make to change a thought. Word or action will change and improve your life.

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